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Gasabo Prison goes ablaze, RNP intervenes

Early this morning the prison of the Gasabo located in  Kimironko sector went ablaze but the Rwandan national police intervened to stop the fire from spreading.

The Kimironko prison went ablaze

The damages caused by the fire are yet to be announced as more assessment of the situation goes on.

Our reporter says that the incident was made public by the onlookers who walked nearby the prison early this morning.

The Rwanda National Police quickly intervened to stop the fire from stretching to the rest of the prison’s rooms as it started from one room towards others.

Gunshots were heard as to warn the inmates for not trying to escape the prison.

The General Commissioner  of the Rwanda Correctional Services Georges Rwigamba told media that the affected sides are located towards the road including two tents,

The affected items include that foods and mattress, among others. Inmates are being relocated in other rooms that are more secured.

Georges  Rwigamba added that seven inmates were relatively injured with minor injuries but are being taken care of at the prison site.

The Rwandan National Police anti fire brigade intervened

Onlookers informed the public on the incident

The prison went ablaze this morning

Residents were hindered from approaching the site for the security purpose

The inmates were put together aside in a secure area

Andrew Rwigamba the General Commissioner of the Rwandan Correctional Services told reporters that there were no gunshots



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