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The World Bank chief praises Rwanda’s economic progress

Jim Yong Kim  told reporters that Rwanda is a nation to admire for its economic progress despite the scarcity of natural resources. He said that after holding private talks with the Head of State Paul Kagame this Wednesday evening hours.

Presedent Kagame and World Bank Chief Jim Yong Kim

Jim Yong Kim promised that the World Bank will keep backing Rwanda in this regard as to help its social and economic growth to increase.

He said that the management of its economic assets made Rwanda one of African nations to be listed as the most effective.

This is an added value that for the bank to keep backing Rwanda in this regard, said Mr Kim.

Dr Jim Yong Kim told media that the rate at which Rwandan economy increases is an indicator for better achievements in the near future.

He, however, said that the recent changes at the international market have negatively impacted on the exports from the developing nations.

Dr Jim promised that the current observations display a promising image at the international market.

The World Bank Chief revealed that the current international affairs including political issues destabilizing the price and economic progress will be resolved therefore hoping for a better future economic stability.


We have been working closely with Rwanda in the economic matters and we shall keep nurturing the same relations for its socio-economic progress, Dr Jim told media.


Dr Jim Yong Kim was in Rwanda for a two days official visit that concludes today.



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