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How to Jump Start Your Immunity- Marie Miguel

By Marie Miguel

How to Jump Start Your Immunity

With all the talk about disease in the world, you can protect yourself by improving your immune system. A strong immune system will help you return to health much faster, as well as reduce the chances of you getting disease. There are many people who don’t put effort in taking care of their immune system, only to regret that decision later. Let’s take a look at some ways you can improve your immunity.

Drink in Moderation

Have you ever had too much to drink, then felt sick the next day? Too much alcohol can compromise the immune system. Having the occasional drink or two isn’t bad for you, and can sometimes offer benefits, but always make sure that you drink responsibly and don’t get too drunk when you’re in an area where you could end up getting sick.

Get Your Vitamins

If you’re not getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals, you may need to reconsider that. All the vitamins, from A-E, have their use. One of the best is vitamin C, which is known for being an immunity powerhouse. It’s found in many fruits and vegetables.

If you can’t, then a multivitamin is a worthy, but not as effective, substitute.

Get Enough Sleep

Many of us live a sleepless lifestyle, not getting much during our work days, then trying to catch up on the weekends. This is not a good lifestyle to live. Not getting enough sleep can cause many health effects, including a lowered immune system. If you feel tired, please take a nap.

Not Cleaning Your Home

Many of us worry about the  air pollution outside our homes, but we also need to worry about the pollution from within, too. A polluted, dusty home may make your immune system worse. Every week, vacuum out your home, always check on your air filters, and do a professional cleaning, if possible. And please, clean out your bathroom.

Working Out

Working out is a powerhouse for your immune system. It reduces stress levels, which can lead to immunity problems, and it powers up your body in all aspects. Fitness is not just for making your body look better; it’s also for every part of your health.

Not Being So Stressed Out

A bit of stress is going to happen, and some of it can be good for you. It’s when you feel stressed all the time that it starts to be a problem. Over-stress can lead to many health effects, including a lowered immune system.

If you’re having life problems that are leading to stress, try to tackle them one at a time. One thing you can do is write down the problems you can change and attempt to do so. If there are problems you cannot change, learning acceptance is key.

Too much stress can be treated through therapy, too. Online therapy resources such as BetterHelp are here for you. Improving your mental health can lead to a boost in your physical health, too.

Marie Miguel

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