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  • 05/06/2020 7:43 27

StarTimes in the front line against the coronavirus

As the COVID-19 keeps spreading across Africa, governments, NGOs and communities are taking measures to fight the pandemic. StarTimes, as Africa’s leading pay-TV operator, has, joined the fight.

Last week, StarTimes has opened free access to over 100 international and local channels on OTT platform StarTimes ON including international news channels such as France 24, KTN News (Kenya), TVC News (Nigeria) in News category and Trace Mziki, TV5 Monde, Da Vinci in entertainment and education category.

While StarTimes ON has been designed to save up to 30% data consumption compared to the other streaming media platforms, StarTimes ON coding technology has been “further upgraded to decrease again the broadband traffic, allowing users to spend even less data and enjoy more content while decreasing the pressure on Internet and telecom infrastructures,” according to StarTimes ON operation director, Ariel Wang.

Last Friday, StarTimes launched a special program called “StarTimes Daily —— COVID-19 Report” to share the latest information and experiences about the COVID-19 epidemic. The program is broadcast every weekday on 12 channels and on StarTimes ON mobile application, in English, French, Portuguese and local languages, to reach the maximum number of people.

The StarTimes Media Division head, Lily Meng, explains that: “As the COVID-19 is spreading, people have many questions about the virus. Many rumors are spreading on social media and official information is sometimes difficult to get. We will make information more accessible to our viewers through this daily report. At the same time, we want to give people hope. They need to know that they are not the only one fighting the virus and that the fight can be won.”

In the meantime, StarTimes has been leveraging its 10 million users’ Facebook platform and its nearly 20 million StarTimes ON users to raise awareness about the virus. On a daily basis, PSAs and other related materials are disseminated on both platforms, allowing users to protect themselves more effectively.

As situation evolves, StarTimes will further leverage its media platforms to reach African people wherever they are with key messages to fight the virus.

Among them, one is to be emphasized: “To stay safe, stay home”.


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