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  • 05/08/2020 8:56 42

StarTimes raises awareness about the COVID-19 through a daily TV report

Africa’s leading pay-TV operator StarTimes has launched a new dedicated TV program to share the latest information about the COVID-19 epidemic.

Since March 20th, The StarTimes Daily —— COVID-19 Report is broadcast every weekday on 12 channels and on StarTimes ON mobile application, in English, French, Portuguese and local languages.

The program aims at making sure that people in urban and rural areas from the continent all be equipped with knowledge weapon against the virus.

StarTimes Media Division head, Lily Meng, explains that: “The StarTimes Daily —— COVID-19 Report will provide viewers with update and data about the pandemic in Africa and in the world. It will also share prevention knowledge, countermeasures and experience of various countries so people can protect themselves and their family more effectively.”

“As the COVID-19 is spreading, people have many questions about the virus. Many rumors are spreading on social media and official information is sometimes difficult to get. We will make information more accessible to our viewers through this daily report. At the same time, we want to give people hope. They need to know that they are not the only one fighting the virus and that the fight can be won.”

English Channel Time Repeat
ST SPORTS FOCUS 19:00 11:30 ,  14:30
ST NOVELA E 18:00 09:20
ST NOVELA EW 20:00 11:20
ST KUNGFU 19:15 23:45 ,  15:45
ST SINO DRAMA 18:45 6:50  ,   10:35
ST ZONE 21:00 12:30 , 14:40
ST GUIDE E From 19:00  , every four hours
French ST NOVELA F 20:50 21:50 ,   14:50
ST GUIDE F From18:30 GMT, every four hours
Portuguese ST NOVELA P 11:30 7:30  ,     13:40
Swahili ST SWAHILI 21:50 (local time) 12:50 (local time)  11:50 (local time)
Hausa ST DADIN KOWA 17:20 (local time) 6:50 (local time)  11:50 (local time)
Chinese ST CHINESE HOMELAND 19:45 9:45  ,  14:20




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